There are so many amazing options available these days for retirement, from fully independent homes, to guided assisted living. Your home is a vital element to a comfortable life, so finding the right living format for your needs is important.

Such great choices can make this an overwhelming process to consider. We have put together this guide to help you stay informed, and figure out what’s best for you when it comes to retirement villages and serviced living.

Transitioning to a New Retirement Living Arrangement

Making the big move out of your family home can be exciting as well as intimidating. Downsizing into a private home in a retirement village, or an assisted living space, brings an amazing upside in terms of comfort, reduced stress, and better quality of life.

In order to make the most out of this valuable time in your life, it’s important to determine the best option for your budget as well as lifestyle. Being informed of the best living options and leading care providers will make this an easier choice, and less overwhelming time in your life.

The Difference in Retirement Living Options

Two hugely popular housing options are lifestyle communities and retirement villages, with key differences centred around facilities, fees and ongoing costs, and contracts.

Many people have concerns about moving between different living arrangements as their level of required care changes over time, so taking the time to research and learn about the different options can be a great step to take early on in the process.

Lifestyle Village

The majority of lifestyle retirement villages are communities for the over 55’s, where you have a private, self-contained unit where you can socialise with your neighbours and utilise communal facilities, while retaining complete independence. The agreement is usually to buy the property but rent the land it’s on, where an agreement is made with the owner of the entire community’s land.

Retirement Village

Moving to a comfortable retirement village usually means buying the house or purchasing a long-term rental agreement just like a normal home. The benefits of community living can be enormous, with quality shared facilities, security, social and leisure activities, and easy, low-maintenance homes.

Serviced Living or Assisted Care

For additional care or extra facilities, serviced living and assisted care options from Coolibah Care can make independent living in a community a viable option for those who would otherwise be unable to live alone.

Small extras like cleaning, food delivery, and other assistance can be a huge benefit to those needing a little extra care, and oftentimes aged care facilities are located on-site or nearby, to provide additional peace of mind that help is on hand should you need it.

Those who need help for particular aspects of living, such as dementia care or palliative care, can find the care they need within Coolibah Care’s custom aged care plans. 

Finding an Aged Care Provider That Works For You

Premium retirement housing providers, like Coolibah Care, offer full services for both sides of the scale – independent vs assisted living – allowing you to adapt and change living arrangements as you need.

Choosing a retirement village that offers both independent living and professional care when needed can be a transformative decision at this time of your life. Operating as a close knit, loving community that focuses on home values with all the extra assistance you might need makes Coolibah Care a choice provider for you, regardless of your lifestyle or level of independence. 

Comfortable living with Coolibah Care

Keep that feeling of home with all the extras at Coolibah Cares lifestyle retirement villages, where comfortable, modern homes are complemented by impressive facilities from dining and cleaning, to socialising and security.

Contact us today to learn about our various options for retirement life, or to ask any queries you may have.