If you’re considering aged care alternatives, rest assured there are a range of options available to suit any personal desires or requirements. However, this does not always make the decision easier!

Moving into a respected retirement village like Coolibah Care can be both a transformative and stressful time. Carrying out research ahead of time helps to determine whether independent living or assisted care is the right choice for you, and ensures a smooth transition into retirement living. 

The following guide outlines the difference between a retirement village and serviced apartment living, and which option is right for your particular needs.

Transitioning to a new living arrangement 

The best way to have a seamless transition into lifestyle retirement villages is to be fully informed. Clearing up any questions or concerns makes the decision more approachable, and allays any fears you may have. 

Getting older brings many changes, but leading retirement living providers supply a full suite of options from fully independent living to optional daily care services. It’s normal to have anxiety about this transition, but understanding the social, security, and long-term sustainability benefits of choosing a full-service care provider will help alleviate any stress. 

The various living options available in a retirement village

With multiple residential care variations available, quality retirement villages like Coolibah Care have an impressive range of lifestyle and healthcare options available.

Retirement Village

An independent retirement lifestyle village is the ideal transition stage for those hesitant about retirement living. By living in a fully self-contained unit, you can access the benefits of a retirement village while still retaining your independence and freedom. Most independent living retirement villages offer a variety of accommodation options, from studio and one-bedroom units to modern two or three-bedroom villas. 

From a welcoming community environment to nearby shops and communal services,  retirement villages allow you to join in or opt-out of a range of social events whenever you like. Coolibah Care is situated near a shopping centre, swimming pool, and library, enabling you to keep living your life with added security and privacy. 

Serviced Apartment Living 

Typically placed beside independent living units, retirement apartments offer autonomy with additional services. Each unit contains all you need to live comfortably, including an ensuite and private patio, with the added comfort of meal services, weekly cleaning, utility fees, and emergency call buttons. You can still enjoy the community, make new friends and have the benefits of independent living, with a few extra touches to help you manage better. 

For example, Coolibah Care offer serviced apartment living options through the Coolibah Plus one-bedroom apartments. Retain independent living while taking care of any additional needs, and with Coolibah Care’s continuum of care, you can rest assured you’ll be looked after as your needs change. 

Finding the right form of retirement life for you

Regardless of the reason you choose to enter a retirement village or serviced apartment living, carry out essential research to find the right caring community for your lifestyle, budget, and health needs. Speak to friends, family, and financial advisors about your decision, and take the time to read the fine print of all contracts. 

Even if you currently are looking for independent living options, it’s worthwhile choosing an aged care provider that can offer a continuum of care. This ensures that added services can be supplied as your requirements develop, removing the stress of moving to a different aged care space as you age. 

Find ultimate retirement living comfort with Coolibah Care

Coolibah Care works around an ethos of providing the best care while making you feel at home. As a well-established not-for-profit aged care provider, the well-being of each resident is placed above profit. 

Contact Coolibah Care today to discuss lifestyle retirement villages or other aged care options.