Aged Care Employee Day, 7th of August – Thanks for Caring 

An initiative championed by Aged & Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA), Aged Care Employee Day is a day that celebrates over 370,000 dedicated individuals who make a profound difference to the 1.5 million older Australians they care for. 

At Coolibah Care, an esteemed aged care service provider in Mandurah, the work of our dedicated team is built on our values of being caring, collaborative and conscientious. As we proudly join the nation in honouring Aged Care Employee Day, we express gratitude and say #ThanksforCaring to our exceptional team who are making a positive impact on the lives of the residents at our aged care home in Mandurah. 

Understanding the Diverse Roles and Responsibilities of Aged Care Workers

Aged Care Employee Day’ celebrates each and every team member involved in the journey of caring for people who receive aged care services or reside in an aged care residential facility. They include:

  • Registered & Enrolled Nurses
  • Residential & Community Carers
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Chefs & Catering Teams
  • Maintenance & Gardening Teams
  • Lifestyle Teams
  • Cleaner & Laundry Teams
  • Management
  • Volunteers 
  • .. and many 

At Coolibah Care, we cannot understate the importance of these roles as they are crucial to maintaining the high quality aged care services in Mandurah

Impact of Their Work on the Lives of Seniors and Their Families

Aged care employees often have a profound impact on the lives of our seniors and their families. Their contributions can extend beyond the physical boundaries of aged care facilities, reaching and touching the lives of many. They offer emotional support, companionship, and a comforting presence that truly enhances the quality of life for seniors in  receiving home and community care services, and those who reside in a residential aged care facility.

The services they provide give our seniors a sense of dignity, respect, and value during a vulnerable phase of their lives. For the families, the assurance that their loved ones are in the hands of such dedicated professionals is comforting knowing that their loved ones’ needs are being met. 

Improving Work Conditions and Support for Aged Care Providers

As we celebrate and appreciate the invaluable contributions of aged care home employees, it’s essential to remember that working in a nursing home in Mandurah and all over Australia, is demanding and emotionally challenging. 

At Coolibah Care, we believe that ongoing training and professional development are crucial to equip our teams with up-to-date knowledge, improving resident and client care and enabling career growth for greater job satisfaction and retention within our aged care home.

We prioritise creating a supportive and enriching environment for our employees working in aged care in Mandurah.

How You Can Support Aged Care Employees

You can show your support anytime you interact with an aged care home employee – it is always deeply appreciated. 

On 7th August, Aged Care Employee Day, you can share your thanks by using the hashtag #ThanksforCaring on your socials. 

Also try visiting our Facebook page @CoolibahCareOfficial or LinkedIn page and share as we celebrate our dedicated team. 

To all aged care workers, a message from Coolibah Care CEO, Amanda Crook, “Thank you for the difference you make to our community and we honour you on Aged Care Employee Day, and every other day too.”