Whether your loved one is having trouble walking up stairs or has difficulty standing up, the issue of hindered mobility is a real and prevalent issue. Dealing with immobility problems has a serious effect on the day-to-day well-being of many seniors, making them feel both mentally and physically impacted.

Whether the cause is pain or disability, working to improve senior mobility is vital to prevent worsening health problems and the need for movement aids like walking aids or wheelchairs.

Retirement living can improve a person’s mobility, thanks to increased opportunities for gentle exercise, social activities, and optional care services. Read on to learn more about promoting senior mobility, and why it’s never too late to improve both movement abilities and overall well-being!

The physical changes affecting senior mobility

While it may not shock you to learn that immobility is the biggest age-related disability, the detrimental effects it can have on seniors reach farther than you may realise. As mobility has a daily practical impact, struggling with movements such as standing, walking, or climbing stairs can result in troubling issues like:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Injuries from a fall
  • Unable to call for help

One option to manage mobility issues is to join a retirement community, where independent living can be supported with optional care services.  Being surrounded by a caring community, who may be dealing with similar mobility restrictions, is a positive way to face these issues while also supporting ones social and mental wellbeing.

When mobility issues affect your lifestyle

We all slow down as we get older, but when you struggle to get out of bed in the morning by yourself it’s time to work on your body’s strength and flexibility. Leaving mobility issues to worsen only hampers our ability to carry out daily tasks, like tying your shoe laces and using the bathroom, making it vital to develop muscle flexibility and strength gently.

How to improve mobility

It’s completely understandable for the thought of an exercise regime to sound intimidating, whether you’re 30 or 90! Rather than focusing on rigorous workouts, simply incorporating stretching into your daily life can make a huge difference to daily mobility.

Stay active

Whether you walk to the shops each day or love cooking for friends, regular movement is key to maintaining good levels of mobility as you age. As tempting as it can be to remain stationary, even those with physical disabilities can find a suitable ways of staying active.


A good stretch every day might just be the tonic of youth. Gently building and maintaining flexibility in your muscles and tendons is how you retain the strength you need to move with ease. Stretching your legs, ankles, arms, wrists, hips, neck, back, and shoulders with age- and disability-appropriate movements will help keep you feeling limber, and full of energy.

Retirement living

One of the best ways to keep moving, and stretching, every day is to maintain a healthy social life and a supportive surrounding community. As well as having people nearby to meet up with, and group activities to partake in, you’re more likely to have a healthy diet and optional the tailored care on your door step.

Doctor’s advice for exercise for seniors

The key part of improving senior mobility is tailoring the activities to suit the person. Everyone has different limitations, so it’s important seek advice from your doctor or physical therapist on suitable activities, exercise, and diet depending on your overall health status.

Get your energy back with retirement living in Coolibah Care

One of the many benefits of joining a comfortable, all-encompassing retirement community in Mandurah with Coolibah Care is not only the wide range of available services but the supportive surrounding community. Living with like-minded people can be the motivation you need to stay healthy, and mobile!

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