How your family can spend time with loved ones in an aged care home

The best way to care for an elderly loved one is through quality time. Many of us have older relations living with a trusted aged care provider where all their practical needs are taken care of, but the joy and love garnered from fun family time is irreplaceable.

Read on to discover fresh new ideas for spending time connecting and having fun with your loved ones living in a nursing home, and the many benefits it will bring.

What are the benefits of quality time for those in nursing homes?

Knowing you have a strong support system in your family is highly important to seniors, particularly those living in nursing homes. Often a social network is just as important as healthcare or home services, providing older adults with additional energy and fun that can only be gained through regular socialisation.

A long life

Living in isolation has been shown to deliver a shorter life expectancy than those surrounded by friends and family, where regular socialising and fun activities take place. This is especially true for those living with dementia or Parkinson’s, where creating good memories is of utmost importance not only for the mental wellbeing of our elderly loved ones, but also for their immediate family and friends.

Improved mental health

Great mental health is massively boosted by positive socialisation, where seniors are reminded of how much they are loved and cared for. Mental health illnesses like anxiety and depression can be greatly improved from quality family time.

A better physical health

A strong immune system can be key to fighting off sickness as you get older, and regular time spent with people outside their comfortable nursing home can combat weakened immune systems. Combined with better mental health, their overall well-being will see a vast improvement.

A trusted support network

The role reversal of children looking after their parents as they age is the classic example of how life comes full circle. Seniors who trust their children to deliver emotional support (not just financial or medical help) can lessen stress and help them feel not alone.

Peace of mind

Staying connected to friends and family after living with an aged care provider is a huge concern to many seniors, typically an even bigger concern than finances or physical health. Provide our older loved ones with peace of mind through the security and comfort of regular family time.

Spread love and joy with fun activities

No matter how old you get, having fun with friends remains just as important as ever. As seniors tend to have fewer close friends as they age, it’s important for family members to step in and support their older loved ones in fun and engaging ways.

Here are some great ideas for family-time activities in welcoming nursing homes:

  • Plant a small herb garden or flower bed and watch it bloom
  • Press flowers for greeting cards
  • Go outside for a picnic
  • Read aloud from their favourite books
  • Watch classic or contemporary movies
  • Make art and crafts to display in their room
  • Try paint by numbers or adult colouring books
  • Create a recipe book with their favourite dishes
  • Look over old photos and make photo albums or scrapbooks
  • Create a family tree, or time capsule
  • Check their horoscope (and laugh at the results!)
  • Skype old friends or faraway relatives
  • Organise a room or closet
  • Play cards, bingo, charades, or a board game

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