When it comes to caring for our ageing loved ones, we want to ensure they receive the best possible support and assistance. While many people prefer to keep their loved ones at home for as long as possible, there are situations where a residential aged care home may become a better option. Coolibah Care is an aged care home in Mandurah that offers professional care, specialised services, and a supportive environment that can address the unique needs of seniors. In this article, we will explore ten signs that highlight  it may be time to explore aged care for your loved one, and how we can provide you with the necessary support at Coolibah Care.

Physical Health Concerns

One of the most prominent signs that it may be time to consider aged care is when your loved one’s physical health begins to decline significantly. This could manifest as mobility issues, chronic illnesses, or frequent falls. In a residential aged care facility, there are dedicated healthcare professionals who can provide 24/7 assistance, administer medication, and monitor their overall physical well-being.

Cognitive Changes

Memory loss, confusion, or disorientation are common cognitive changes that occur as people age. If your loved one experiences significant difficulties in remembering things, struggles to complete everyday tasks, or displays confusion about their surroundings, it may be an indication that a higher level of care is required. We also offer specialised dementia specific care that supports residents living with dementia.

Emotional and Behavioural Changes

Emotional and behavioural changes, such as increased agitation, aggression, or withdrawal, can be distressing for both your loved one and the family. These changes may stem from underlying mental health conditions or the natural progression of ageing. A residential aged care home can provide a supportive and therapeutic environment, where professionals can help manage and address these emotional and behavioural challenges effectively.

Decline in Their Own Physical and Mental Health:

Taking care of an ageing loved one can be physically and emotionally demanding. At times, family caregivers neglect their own well-being as they prioritise the needs of their loved ones. If you notice a decline in your own physical and mental health due to the demands of caregiving, it may be time to consider an aged care home or explore some respite options. Entrusting your loved one’s care to professionals can alleviate the carer stress and fatigue and ensure both you and your loved one receive the support you need.

Financial Considerations

Difficulty affording in-home care or assisted living facilities can be a significant factor in the decision to consider a residential aged care home. As the cost of private care services continues to rise, or the level of support required can not be met through a Home Care package it may become financially unfeasible to provide the level of care your loved one requires. A residential aged care home may offer various payment options and government subsidies that can make quality care more accessible and affordable. Learn more about the cost and fees at Coolibah Care here.

Safety Concerns

If you notice that your loved one’s safety is at risk at home, it’s a clear indication that a residential aged care home may be necessary. Safety concerns can arise from hazards in the house, such as slippery floors, difficulties operating cooking appliances or inaccessible areas, that pose a threat to their well-being. Residential aged care facilities are designed with safety in mind, providing secure environments and round-the-clock supervision to ensure the highest level of safety for residents.

Loss of Community Connections

As we age, social connections become increasingly important. Experiencing a loss of community connections, such as the passing of friends or the inability to participate in social activities, can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Aged care homes offer a vibrant community where residents can engage in social interactions, participate in various activities, and foster new friendships.

Medical Emergencies

Frequent medical emergencies or hospital presentations can be a sign that your loved one requires more comprehensive care than can be provided at home. While emergencies can happen at any age, they become more common as we age. We have a range of specialised support staff visiting and accessible at Coolibah Care, including palliative care, respite care, clinical nurse practitioner, aged specialised palliative care team, occupational therapists, dietitians, podiatrists and lifestyle staff.

Difficulty with Bathing or Grooming:

If your loved one struggles with bathing, grooming, or maintaining cleanliness, it may indicate a decline in their ability to perform daily activities independently. Coolibah Care has staff trained in personal care who can assist with bathing, dressing, and other personal hygiene tasks, ensuring your loved one’s dignity and comfort.

General Decline in Health and Wellbeing:

Lastly, a general decline in your loved one’s overall health and well-being can be a clear sign that a residential  aged care home is needed. This decline may manifest as weight loss, decreased appetite, chronic fatigue, or a decrease in mobility and independence. Residential aged care provides comprehensive care plans tailored to the individual needs of residents, including nutritional support, recreational activities, and access to healthcare services.

How Coolibah Care Can Help:

We are a leading aged care home in Mandurah dedicated to delivering exceptional care and support to seniors. With a range of services and a person-centred approach, we can help address the needs of your loved one in a compassionate and professional manner. Our experienced staff, specialised facilities, and commitment to individualised care make us an excellent choice when considering a residential aged care home in Mandurah for your loved one.

Recognising the signs that it’s time to consider an aged care home for your loved one is crucial for ensuring their well-being and quality of life. With our experienced staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to residential care, we provide a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment for your loved ones continued happiness and comfort. By closely observing physical health concerns, cognitive changes, emotional and behavioural patterns, and overall decline in health and well-being, families in Mandurah can trust us to deliver comprehensive support and specialised services tailored to meet the unique needs of ageing individuals.

Discover the perfect solution for your loved ones’ residential aged care home requirements or looking for a residential village connect with us at Coolibah Care. Get in touch now.